Snail slime supports exfoliating process. In practice it means a smother complexion of uniform structure.


A moisturising complex with hyaluronan, arginine and sweet almond oil reinforcing the hydrolipid barrier. It maintains skin moisture and elasticity.


Bioactive cream components increase biomechanical skin properties such as firmness and elasticity.


Cellular aging is delayed and the skin recovers its natural beauty and gloss.

Snail slime for younger look

Bioactive formula of NATURALIS Superactive cream nurtures and rejuvenates a particularly demanding skin.

It improves its condition and moisture level thus ensuring comfort, energy and refreshment.

It efficiently supports natural regeneration thanks to which the skin becomes silky smooth and visibly younger. The cream can be applied for daytime and night care.

Younger look

Research into active NATURALIS Superactive ingredients showed that they improve all the key aspects responsible for the young look of the skin, i.e. elasticity, firmness, smoothness and fibroblast level.


Improves the skin microsculpture by improving its biomechanical properties increasing its flexibility and firmness.

TIMECODE™ complex

Firms and smoothens the skin giving it a healthy and glossy look

NATURALIS Superactive cream components were composed based on a unique and effective formula.
Snail slime makes the skin firm and elastic; baicalin improves skin microstructure while hyaluronan and other additional ingredients reinforce the rejuvenating effect of the cream.