Research confirms effectiveness of NATURALIS Superactive

NATURALIS Superactive is a bioactive, efficient formula based on selected natural ingredients, including organic ingredients.

Research into the NATURALIS Superactive cream ingredients showed that that they improve all the key aspects responsible for the young look of the skin, i.e. elasticity, firmness, smoothness and moisture.

NATURALIS Superactive is more than just a promise

Due to snail slime content, NATURALIS Superactive reduces wrinkles, supports natural skin renewal and moisturises it.

Research confirms that the cream:

  • offers intensive skin care,
  • improves skin condition,
  • improves skin moisturising,
  • effectively supports natural skin renewal,
  • renders the skin silky smooth,
  • renders the skin visibly younger.

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What are the benefits of using NATURALIS Superactive?

Exactly what we all expect of an effective facial care cream: smoothening, firmness and elasticity of skin. The effects are long-lasting, observable immediately after you get out of bed in the morning. The skin recovers its natural beauty and does need any make-up. It looks visibly younger which is a consequence of delayed cellular aging and its reversed effects.

NATURALIS Superactive is available at good pharmacies, herbal stores and some web drugstores or online drugstores or our web store.

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