Our skin contains exceptional cells – fibroblasts – which are responsible for collagen and elastin production, i.e. production of structural proteins in our skin responsible for its firmness and elasticity. Research showed that after 30, their quantity declines dramatically – with each passing decade we lose 10% of the fibroblasts. With the elapse of time, mature fibroblasts tend to prevail over the young ones and therefore the skin loses its functional properties typical of a young skin: the surface of the skin becomes less structured and regular, its elasticity is reduced, wrinkles become more visible and deeper. Adequate care may protect your skin against premature aging.

NATURALIS Superactive – cream with snail slime

NATURALIS Superactive is not an ordinary cream. It is a cosmetic which makes a difference with its unique formula and extremely high active ingredient content making up a strong, bioactive formula. It is intended for a particularly demanding complexion and improves its condition rendering it smooth, elastic and visible younger. See the results of the cream application!

Ingredients which make you younger!

  • Snail slime Helix aspersa contains a complex of natural bioactive ingredients such as collagen, elastin, glycolic acid and hyaluronan; the slime allows the snails to regenerate their delicate tissues injured on a hard surface.
  • TIMECODE™ (a biomimetic peptide) increasing skin regenerative potential enabling the epidermal cells to recover the features of much younger cells.
  • VITASOURCE™ (containing baicalin) by improving biomechanical properties of the skin, it allows it to preserve its young look.
  • Hyaluronan and arginine stimulate collagen synthesis and bind water in the epidermis improving the condition of a dry skin.
  • Sweet almond oil and Shea butter strengthen the hydrolipid barrier and prevent loss of moisture.

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Intended use and application

NATURALIS Superactive containing snail slime is intended for night and daytime application. The cream is available in 50 ml jars.


  1. Clean the face and neck skin carefully.
  2. Apply NATURALIS Superactive cream.
  3. Apply daily in the morning and at night. The cream can also be used as a make-up foundation.

Where to buy NATURALIS Superactive?

The cream can be conveniently purchased online from our web store. It is also available in selected web drugstores.

It is also available at stationary POS – in good pharmacies and herbal stores and some web drugstores.

Buy the cream with the snail slime today and enjoy the rejuvenating results!