NATURALIS Superactive – Bioactive cosmetics with snail slime

In quest of innovative and safe solutions based on the achievements of aesthetic medicine, out of care for female beauty, we have developed NATURALIS Superactive bioactive cosmetics – cream and serum – which intensely nurture and rejuvenate particularly demanding skin.

The concentrated formula of SUPERACTIVE serum, based on snail slime and efficient action of bioactive peptides (matrikines), improves skin condition and vitality on many levels. It moisturise the skin and increases its elasticity and tightness, which enables it to recover its younger and more appealing look.


ŚLUZ ŚLIMAKA Helix aspersa Müller thanks to its active substances (collagen, elastin, glycolic acid), it makes the skin tight and elastic, moisturises it and reduces wrinkles
MATRIXYL® 3000™ – protects the skin from ageing (including ageing caused by sunlight) and activates mechanisms of skin regeneration
MATRIXYL® SYNTHE’6™ – reduces mimic wrinkles, especially those on forehead and around the eyes, by filling them from the inside. It is an alternative for cosmetic treatments based on collagen and hyaluronic acid injection.
MATRIXYL® MORPHOMICS™ – reduces vertical wrinkles (lion’s wrinkle, marionette wrinkles and wrinkles around the nose) – the so-called sad wrinkles. The product raises hyaluronic acid level and boosts cell metabolism.


HYALURONIC ACID , ALLANTOIN, GLYCERINE – moisturise and soothe as well as improve the condition of dry skin
SHEA BUTTER, SWEET ALMOND OIL – smoothen and protect from dehydration

* Superactive Serum reduces wrinkles by 12% in 4 weeks
* The skin elasticity of Superactive Serum users was confirmed to increase by 38%
** 93.3% of women who tested Superactive Serum were delighted with the effect of vitality and shine of their skin after application of the product.

* Based on instrumental tests** Based on consumer research